Win new clients with every email you send

Thanks to AI, every sales presentation becomes a customized email attachment.

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"I started customizing every sales presentation I send.
It immediately increased my response rate by 2x."

Elias Elias, Senior Account Manager
Recipient information

Add Recipient Information

Thanks to AI, instantly add recipient name, company description and company logo to your presentation.

Link tracking

Track Presentation Links

Get notified whenever someone clicks a link inside your presentation.


Add Invisible Watermarks

Add invisible watermarks to your presentation to protect against unauthorized use.

Mailpengu Features Gmail Google Slides Links Watermark

Save 50% time with every sales presentation you send

Mailpengu With Mailpengu

Sales presentations customized with just one click

  • Open New Email
  • Add Recipient
  • Click Mailpengu Icon for ✨ AI Magic
  • Send Email

Without Mailpengu

Manually customizing every single sales presentation

  • Open Google Drive
  • Search for presentation
  • Make a copy
  • Manually edit recipient infos
  • Download PDF
  • Delete copy
  • Open new email
  • Add recipient
  • Attach presentation
  • Send email